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20 icons
thomas again
drivemytardis wrote in tupupilaazul

Downton Abbey....(01-16)

01 ed3 02 jim1 03 bra1 04 tho5b
05 tho7 06 ed-ro1 07 tho8b 08 DA2
09 mm410 jim2 11 tho9 12 ed4b
13 bra214 bra415 ed5 16 ma2
17 hannibalb18 hannibal219 hannibal3 20 ato

Please credit if using and don't forget to comment :)
I know, I haven't posted in a while! I've been quite busy and haven't had time to make icons. But finally I'm back! I made most of these icons months ago, except for the Hannibal ones (I'm in love with the show and I'm happy to see everyone is making icons out of it!).

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Love the Downton ones <3

These are so striking! Just beautiful!

these are sharpened and coloured to perfection!

Lovely, taking Matthew & Mary and all the Hannibal icons, will credit thank you for sharing.

It's nice to see new Downton icons from you! I really love 2, 15 and 16! :)

Thank you very much! I think I'll have time to make more icons now :)

These are beautiful and love your lighting!

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