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28 icons
thomas b&n
drivemytardis wrote in tupupilaazul


01-03     Vikings
04-07     Orange Is The New Black
08-17     Orphan Black
18-18     Brokeback Mountain
19-19     Atlantis
20-21     Downton Abbey
+7 alts

(I'm back after months without iconning, yay!)

lag3lag2ragnarrrrrrrnicki 1alex vause 2
lav1alex vause 1cophinerachel1helena6
helena8alison1sarah1twin connection 1helena



Please credit me if you're using! Thank you.

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Nice lighting and muted coloring in 1. I like the minimal look of 10, and it has the right amount of sharpness. 12, 13, 18 and 19 are also nice and utilize some lovely lighting and coloring. But my favorite icon here is definitely that first alt. Those blue and rusty orange colors work so harmoniously together, and I like the textured background.

Thank you very much! I was afraid I had forgotten how to make icons after all these months, but I'm quite happy with the result.

Oh I absolutely adore the coloring on 1, the lighting on 20, and the crop of Helena alt 4&5. Beautiful batch :)

Thank you! I think I saved too many alts for that Helena icon, but I liked the different crops, haha.

Snagged Ragnar Lothbrok and some more ... thanks for sharing!

Saved a couple, will credit when used. Thank you!

Great icons. I especially like the creativity of #7 and the crop of #11.

stunning, I might use that one of Lagertha if you don't mind :)

Glad you like them! Of course it's okay.

All these icons are fantastic!
I took 8, 16 and 17 of Orphan Black, with credits when I'll use. Thanks for sharing :)

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