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thomas b&n
drivemytardis wrote in tupupilaazul


Hannibal           (01-12)
Vikings              (13-18)
Downton Abbey (19-20)


1. will 2. ole ole 3. HANNIGram 4. han
5. willbonito 6. jejeiejej 7, hannithecanni 8. hannigram3
9. abigail10.abigail11.willboni12.hani


13. athel14.lagertha15.lage16.lag1

      Downton Abbey

 19. edih 20.lamary


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I really love everything about 5, the lighting, the coloring, the cropping and also the negative space on 18. And you did a great job coloring Vikings hahaha considering that show is one tough bitch to color.

Thank you! Yes, I have a hard time choosing Vikings caps because most of them seem really difficult to color.

Gorgeous batch! Love your use of light and dark. Snagging #14. Will credit of course. :)

Beutiful! Snagged 14 & 16, thanks :)

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